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Labor Day ~ Remembering Summer 2012


It’s Labor Day!  Last day to enjoy summer before we all go back to our routine.  Let’s enjoy the Sunshine, Jersey Shore, Boardwalk, Cotton Candy, Funnel Cake.  I am so enjoying this day!  Right?   WRONG!!

Today is a rainy day here in Jersey and all I want to do is stay in my pijamas and sleep but before I do this, I want to share with you how I spent my summer this year.

My 12 year old daughter went to Art Camp and she absolutely loved it!!  She spent four weeks learning how to paint, draw cartoons, sculpting among other things.  Every Friday,she showed me the amazing project she created with the help of the artist  in charge.

I spent two weeks visiting my family in Puerto Rico and stayed at a magnificent beach resort called Rincon of the Seas with my mom and my daughter.  We enjoyed the wonderful pool and the relaxing beach for three days.

As soon as we came back to New Jersey, I spent some quality time with my husband while shopping for school clothes and supplies for my daughter.  I was looking forward to enjoying a wonderful bright and sunny Labor Day weekend but instead, here I am writing this blog about my summer and reminiscing the wonderful time I had this summer.

I just realized . . .  So what if Labor Day 2012 is cloudy, rainy and cold?  Summer 2012 was wonderful.   We can look back and enjoy the memories and the pictures.

So tell me:  How was your summer?  How are you spending your Labor Day?

I want to hear your story!



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